Staying Healthy

Your health is important to us. We know your physical health can have an impact on your educational experience. That’s why the goal of Student Health Services is to enhance and support your health so that you can reach all your goals. We’re here for the best you.

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Our Services

Student Health Services provides access to clinical health services for students, monitors the health and mental health of students and the campus and identifies concerns. We’re also a resource and consultant for health information and services. Full and part-time UWRF students are eligible when registered for the current term and have paid required segregated fees. Students are financially responsible for all services received at M Health Fairview Clinic–River Falls and Pierce Country Reproductive Health that aren’t covered by Student Health Services.

M Health Fairview Clinic–River Falls, located near campus, provides a full range of medical services for students. A student’s health insurance will be billed for services prior to being sent to Student Health Services. If you don’t want your insurance company to be billed, notify clinic registration staff.

What's covered by Student Health Services?

  • Basic office visits
  • Throat cultures
  • Mononucleosis testing
  • Complete blood counts and hemoglobins
  • Urinalysis
  • Pap smears
  • Certain sexually transmitted infection testing
  • HIV testing
  • Urine pregnancy testing
  • Allergy injections
  • Tetanus, diptheria and pertussis vaccines (Td or Tdap), measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) and influenza vaccines
  • Tuberculosis skin testing (Mantoux)
  • Emergency contraception and condoms
  • Depression and alcohol screening

UWRF students are eligible for appointments with Pierce County Reproductive Health at the clinic near campus.

What’s Covered by Student Health Services?

  • Pap smears/annual preventative exams
  • Bacterial vaginosis, urinary tract and yeast infection screening and treatment
  • Genital wart diagnosis and treatment
  • Sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment
  • Pregnancy testing and referral information
  • Emergency contraception and condoms

We are committed to creating a safe place for you to live and learn. UWRF employs a violence prevention coordinator whose role is to plan, implement and evaluate prevention strategies, policies, programs and services to support student success. Areas addressed include sexual/intimate partner violence, sexual harassment/gender-based violence and stalking.

Another campus role committed to campus safety is UWRF’s Campus Victim Advocate (CVA). The CVA provides advocacy as well as direct outreach/prevention services to the campus community and can provide immediate support and resources to victims, who may also discuss options with the CVA before deciding next steps.


YOU is a self-help and well-being web platform designed to help you navigate life and campus on your own terms. With content across 30+ well-being topics, you can take charge of your future in three areas: Succeed (academic and career), Thrive (physical and mental well-being) and Matter (purpose and connections). You can get started on your own journey towards a healthy, happy college career at

Health Insurance

Student Health Services is NOT health insurance. UWRF students are strongly encouraged to carry health insurance. If you’re currently covered by health insurance, check with the carrier to see what arrangements need to be made for continued coverage while you’re at UWRF (and keep your card on you!). Participation in the University of Wisconsin System Student Health Insurance Plan is required for international students.

**UWRF does not provide any type of compensation for injuries that occur on campus. Each student and visitor is expected to have their own health insurance to cover personal medical costs.

Learn more about student health insurance needs at

Information on the health insurance plan for UWRF international students (including information about the provider network) is available at or call 877-657-5030.

The Health Insurance Marketplace is a way for individuals and families who meet certain income requirements to buy private health insurance plans. Information on the Affordable Care Act is available at


Certain immunizations are necessary to be protected while at college. Before arriving on campus, you should check your immunization history and update any needed vaccines. You should also know how to access your records as you may need to show proof of immunization. Click here for more information about recommended vaccinations and how to obtain them if needed.

Wisconsin colleges and universities are required by state statute to provide all enrolled students detailed information each year about meningococcal disease and hepatitis B and the availability and effectiveness of vaccines against these diseases. Colleges and universities must also ensure that each student living in a residence hall affirms that he or she has received this information and if the student has been vaccinated against either disease. The date(s) of vaccination(s) will need to be provided. Click here for more information.