Let’s Come Together

Whether it’s through a shared identity or a shared experience, coming together with your peers is an important part of the college experience. Identity-based student organizations help you meet new people and learn from fellow Falcons.

How do I Join?

Interested in joining an identity-based organization? Visit FalconsConnect to learn more about our student organizations, search clubs and groups and find contact information. See you at the next meeting!

A social and academic community, AASA is for students who want to gain and/or promote Asian cultures to the community. The group’s mission is to develop relationships, support and leadership skills that will prepare students for life after college.

An identity-based organization focused on group unity, BSU strives to educate students about African American history and culture. The group supports members’ goals while providing an insightful and welcoming social environment. BSU’s mission is to create awareness at UWRF, support African Americans and provide students with effective communication and a thriving social and academic experience throughout college.

Dancing With Diversity is comprised of students with varied backgrounds who come together to learn about culture and dance to music from around the world. The group performs at campus events and the International Bazaar.

UWRF’s Gender and Sexuality Alliance’s purpose is to provide a social, emotional and education support for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, pansexual, intersex, ally, asexual and two-spirit population on campus. GSA also acts as an educational organization to provide a greater awareness of the issues that concern members themselves, the university and the surrounding community.

The Indian Student Club was founded on three tenets: culture, community and camaraderie. The group aims to spread awareness of Indian culture to the UWRF community by celebrating festivals like Diwali and Holi and create a platform for international students to learn about American student culture. They also work with Indian students new to campus to help them adapt and settle into campus.

KSA aims to promote cultural and ethnic diversity on the UWRF campus while sharing Korean traditions and values with the campus community and informing the community about current Korean issues.

LSO aspires to provide campus with a rich exposure to authentic Latinx traditions and culture.

The Student Feminist Organization has a multi-faceted mission that includes educating UWRF students about on-campus safety and resources, providing education for all sexes and genders on issues including rape, consent and more, and connecting students from every end of the gender spectrum to provide a safe and respectful community.