Dinner is Served

Hungry? We've got you covered. UWRF Dining offers a variety of convenient and economical meal plans and dining options, all conveniently located in the University Center. We even produce our own ice cream right here on campus!

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Where to Eat

  • University Center Lower Level
  • Offers a wide variety of food options served by the friendly UWRF Dining staff
  • One meal swipe scan allows access to multiple eatery options and all you care to eat
  • Accepted tenders: meal swipe, cash, credit card, dining dollars, phone pay (Apple and Android)


  • University Center Lower Level
  • Offers classic, specialty and signature sub sandwiches and soups
  • Accepts transfer meals/dining dollars/cash/credit/phone pay (Apple and Android)/flex meals
  • University Center Lower Level
  • Offers hot meal items in a retro diner with a modern twist
  • Accepts transfer meals/dining dollars/cash/credit/flex meals

Located in the University Center Lower Level, The Rapids offers three eateries: Absurd Bird, Sono and SushiDo. Explore below to learn more about each dining option at The Rapids.

  • University Center Lower Level (inside The Rapids)
  • Offers hot meal items in a throwback chicken shack experience
  • Accepts transfer meals/dining dollars/cash/credit/flex meals/phone pay (Apple and Android)
  • University Center Lower Level (inside The Rapids)
  • Offers fresh, simple, customizable Latin cuisine
  • Accepts transfer meals/cash/credit/dining dollars/flex meals/phone pay (Apple and Android)
  • University Center Lower Level (The Rapids)
  • Offers sushi rolls, rice bowls, wraps and sides including dumplings, edamame and miso soup
  • Accepts transfer meals/cash/credit/dining dollars/phone pay (Apple and Android)/flex meals
  • University Center Main Level
  • Offers fresh-baked goods, made-to-order bagel sandwiches, crisp salads and gourmet coffee
  • Accepts dining dollars/cash/credit/phone pay (Apple and Android)


Meal Plans 

As a student living on campus (except South Fork Suites residents), you are required to participate in a meal plan – a group of meals that are purchased in advance, discounted from walk-in prices and available with your Student ID. View meal plan pricing and details at the link below.


Things to Know

Don’t worry, using your meal plan is easy!

Your meal plan is automatically attached to your Falcon ID card. Each time you eat, simply scan your ID card at the cashier station and a meal is deducted from your meal balance. At a transfer meal location, you’ll swipe your card once for a meal. If what you ordered is more than the transfer dollar allowance, you can scan your ID card again and use Dining Dollars for the balance. Learn more about meal plans

Dining Dollars are like a debit account on your student Falcon ID card. Dining Dollars can be used to purchase food and beverage items at any UWRF dining location and are exempt from sales tax.

Dining Dollars remaining at the end of fall semester may rollover to spring semester only if the student has an active spring semester meal plan. If you're not required to be on a meal plan and you cancel any portion of the spring semester meal plan, the unused fall Dining Dollars will not be refunded. All Dining Dollars must be used by the end of the spring semester, they don't carry over to the next academic year.

Transfer meals allow meal plan participants to use a meal from their meal plan in retail dining areas outside of Riverside Commons. A cash equivalency for the meal is applied to the purchase made and if the meal cost exceeds the cash equivalency, the balance can be paid with cash, card or Dining Dollars. All meal plans allow for meals to be used at transfer locations instead of eating in Riverside Commons.

Cash Equivalency Value is:
$6.00 Lunch/Brunch
$6.50 Dinner
$6.00 Late Night

The 120 and 60 Block plan participants may convert between one and 30 meals into Dining Dollars (limited to the remaining balance on their account) at a rate of $6 per meal (maximum of $180 in Dining Dollars). Once meals are converted to Dining Dollars, they may not be converted back to meals. Dining Dollars cannot be refunded should the meal plan be canceled for any reason.

Block meals can be converted to Dining Dollars during designated time periods only.

Nutrition and Special Dietary Needs

We contract with Chartwells, a professional food service company, to provide dining services on campus. You can check out daily menu options and nutrition information at dineoncampus.com/riverfalls.

We take nutrition and allergy needs seriously. A registered dietitian is available to meet with students to discuss their personal nutrition goals and dietary needs. Our entire dining staff is trained on food safety to make sure we handle food properly and prevent cross-contact.

G10 Station: We have a G10 station filled with options free of the big ten allergens and gluten. The food at this station is stored, prepared and served separately to avoid cross-contact of allergen-containing foods.

Avoiding Gluten: Located in Riverside Commons, the Avoiding Gluten station has a cooler full of items made without gluten-containing ingredients such as buns, bread and bagels. Other options are available throughout our dining locations. Learn more about avoiding gluten dining options on campus here.

Vegan/Vegetarian (Rooted): The "Rooted" station in Riverside Commons offers a specially designed vegan and vegetarian meal that incorporates special protein requirements as well as offering flavorful and fresh ingredients. 


Going Green

At UWRF, we’re committed to working toward a more sustainable future. We’ve recently been awarded a STARS Silver Rating for sustainability and were named one of “America’s Greenest Schools” in the Sierra Club’s annual “Cool Schools” rankings.

We’re always working on ways to make dining operations more sustainable. We’re doing things like purchasing local foods, reducing food waste through a program called WasteNot, investing in equipment designed to reduce water use and offering reusable Freddy 2Go food containers.