We’re invested in your success! Approximately $2.3 million in scholarships were awarded to Falcons in 2022-23. Scholarships are available for incoming first-year students, transfer students and continuing students. You don’t need ACT or SAT scores to be eligible and we offer both need and merit-based awards.

Finding and Applying

You’re eligible to apply for both internal and external scholarships. UWRF offers scholarships that you can apply for annually. These scholarships are funded by the UW-River Falls Foundation through generous contributions from alumni, faculty and staff, friends, parents, campus organizations and corporations. There are hundreds of scholarships that Falcons are eligible for - don't miss your opportunity! 

We’ve made it super easy! All scholarships are listed in the Scholarship System and you fill out just one simple and secure general scholarship application. That application gets you automatic consideration for many of our scholarships and you may be eligible for additional scholarships by answering a few supplemental questions specific to certain scholarships. You can even do a keyword search in the system to review qualifications and other related information.

If you’re a UWRF student, you can apply! Incoming, transfer and currently enrolled students are all eligible to apply for scholarships.

Mark your calendar because this is important information!

The UWRF general scholarship application is now open for both continuing and incoming students (first year and transfer) for fall 2024-spring 2025. Please note most scholarships have an application deadline of February 1, 2024. Deadlines do vary though, so check the UWRF Scholarship System for all deadlines. You’ll receive notifications via email and on-campus advertising with reminders to complete the scholarship application each year.

It’s easy!

  • Log into the UW-River Falls Scholarship System
  • Select "Sign In" and then sign in using your w# and password.
  • Complete the online general scholarship application.
  • Review all recommended scholarship opportunities and apply with the click of a button!

We do, actually! 

  • Complete the general application questions to make things go faster. Make sure to click “submit” when you are finished.
  • The more fields you complete, the better chances you'll have of receiving an award.
  • Don't wait until the last minute! Fill out your application in a timely manner.

Anyone can access the UW-River Falls Scholarship System so you don’t need to sign in to review the available scholarships. You’re able to search the system to help narrow down your list of available scholarships.

  • Check your email! You’ll receive an email notification if you are awarded any scholarships.
  • Pro tip: You can track the status of scholarship applications in the UWRF Scholarship System so feel free to check in after you’ve submitted your application.
  • Any scholarships you receive will be included in in your Financial Aid Award notification so be sure to read it closely!

The scholarship selection process typically takes place from February through April of each academic year. An email notification is sent to all scholarship applicants once all selections have been finalized and the selection period has closed.

Selected UWRF Scholarship Opportunities 

Full-tuition or half-tuition scholarship for eligible first-year students. This four-year renewable award is our most selective scholarship, with limited recipients each year. The deadline to apply for the Chancellor’s Scholarship is in January.

A $1,000 annual scholarship for eligible first-year students. This four-year renewable award is a highly selective scholarship with approximately 60 recipients each year. An additional stipend of up to $2,000 is available to all Falcon Scholars for a study abroad or undergraduate research experience. The deadline to apply for the Falcon Scholars Scholarship is in January.

A one-time award for students with unique backgrounds and experiences or economically disadvantaged incoming first-year students. Preference will be given, but is not limited to, participants from college access programs.

A one-time award offered to first-year or transfer students. Academic potential, background and experiences, financial need, leadership and potential to enrich the campus community are given consideration when making these awards.

Awarded to non-resident students and is renewable for up to four years. This award excludes Minnesota (due to reciprocity), Midwest Student Exchange (MSEP), and Return to Wisconsin participants. Automatically awarded after admission and can be combined with other merit-based scholarships.

Soar Achievement (transfer): A one-time award that's guaranteed to transfer students based on their GPA. To be eligible, transfer students must have achieved an average, cumulative GPA of 3.4 or higher from all previously attended institutions to earn a scholarship of $1,000- this scholarship is awarded automatically in your admissions offer if all qualifications are met.

Soar Achievement (first year): A one-time award that's guaranteed to first year students based on their GPA. To be eligible, first year students must have achieved the following GPA requirements: 3.3 GPA ($1,000), 3.75 GPA ($1,500) or 4.0 GPA ($2,000). This scholarship is automatically awarded in your admissions offer if one of the above qualifications are met. 

Outside Scholarships

There are loads of external scholarship opportunities for students from all backgrounds. These scholarships are awarded by organizations outside of UWRF. While our list isn’t exhaustive, we’ve compiled some resources to help you find outside scholarship opportunities. View them here

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Scholarship Policies

Scholarships come with a range of eligibility and retention requirements. You’re responsible for meeting any necessary requirements or due dates, so make sure to pay close attention to the policies below!

  • To be eligible for a UW-River Falls Scholarship, a student must be enrolled half-time or more during the semester that the scholarship is scheduled to be disbursed.
  • Half-time enrollment is at least six credits (undergraduate) or at least four credits (graduate).
  • Some scholarships may require full-time attendance. Full-time enrollment is 12 or more credits for an undergraduate or eight or more credits for a graduate student.
  • Please email if you have questions regarding enrollment requirements.
  • Scholarships are disbursed at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters that directly follows the scholarship award notification.
  • No scholarship funds are awarded during summer term.
  • Awards up to and including $500 are disbursed in full at the beginning of fall semester.
  • Awards of more than $500 are divided equally with half awarded at the beginning of both the fall and spring semesters.
  • If a student does not attend a portion of the school year, the funds that were scheduled to be disbursed will be re-awarded. If an alternate recipient cannot be found, the funds will be returned to the scholarship fund for a future award.
  • If a scholarship was awarded to a student who is scheduled to graduate early (at the end of fall semester), the full amount of the scholarship may be applied to the fall term, depending on the scholarship. Please email if you have questions regarding a mid-year graduation.
  • Renewable scholarship eligibility is verified at the end of each fall and spring semester.
  • Renewable criteria are specific to each scholarship.
  • If a student has been awarded a renewable scholarship, they may review the renewable criteria within the UW-River Falls Scholarship System or by emailing
  • UWRF reserves the right to revoke a scholarship if the recipient is found not to meet the renewal criteria under which the scholarship was published.

UWRF reserves the right to revoke a scholarship if the recipient is found to not meet the published criteria under which the recipient was initially selected at any time.

We’re Here to Help!

UWRF Scholarships are managed through the Financial Aid Office. If you have questions about existing scholarships, email or call 715-425-3141.

Scholarship endowments are managed through the UW-River Falls Foundation. To learn more about establishing a new scholarship, email or call 715-425-3505.